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Framed Mural Ideas

Posted by Megan Brown on

Today more people are renting homes and apartments.  When you are not a homeowner most of your designing decisions are based on how long you plan to live in a particular place and how much you want to spend.  Making it more difficult is the new wallpapers with their striking designs.  Most people do not want to spend a fortune on wallpaper but they would like to add some spark to their home decor.  So what’s the answer?  Why not frame smaller pieces of wallpaper?  They can be large enough to make a dynamic statement and they are portable.  Designers and graphic artists, with their stunning creations, have become a dream for interior decorating.

You can frame one large piece or a few.  You can also go for an entrance or hallway wallpaper mural.  It is also smaller but can really enhance your home decor.

Here are a few examples that may help you with some ideas for your own home.


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