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Stunning Sunrise Sandy Beach Self-Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper Mural

  • $44.95

Product Details
✔️ Material: Eco-friendly Self-adhesive PVC
✔️ All Items are printed with Eco Latex inks are used: beautiful vibrant colors, amazing details, and completely odor-free!
✔️ Removable without damaging the surface.
✔️ All items can be used inside and outside.This product is designed for use on smooth, flat surface and should not be applied over corrugations or rivets. Prior to application,the surface(s) must be flat, clean and dry.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ!  Minimum order is 2 square meters (2 pieces) $89.90.  This will NOT cover a full wall. To cover a complete wall you will need more.  The example pictures show a wall that is fully covered with wallpaper.  You need to measure your wall and calculate how many pieces you need.  Or you can choose from one of the fixed sizes below.  When you check-out, select "add to cart".  Then choose the quantity you need.

How to calculate how many pieces you need:
1). Measure your wall.  Convert your measurements to centimeters (you can use any online metric converter). 2). If your wall is 360cm width x 240cm height for example,  multiply those numbers: 360 x 240 = 8.6.  So you would need to buy 9 pieces.

Here are some fixed sizes:


Quantity 1:  1 square meter=125cm (W) x 80cm (H) (4'1''x 2'6'')ft

Quantity 2:  2 square meter=200cm (W) x 100cm (H) (6'5''x 3'2'')ft

Quantity 3:  3 square meter=208cm (W) x 146cm (H) (6'8''x 4'8'')ft

Quantity 4:  4 square meter=200cm (W) x 200cm (H) (6'5''x 6'5'')ft

Quantity 5:  5 square meter=250cm (W) x 200cm (H) (7'6''x 6'5'')ft

Quantity 6:  6 square meter=300cm (W) x 200cm (H) (9'8''x 6'5'')ft

Quantity 7:  7 square meter=300cm (W) x 250cm (H) (9'8''x 8'2'')ft

Quantity 8:  8 square meter=400cm (W) x 200cm (H) (13'6''x 6'5'')ft

Quantity 9:  9 square meter=350cm (W) x 260cm (H) (11'4''x 8'7'')ft

Quantity 10:  10 square meter=360cm (W) x 280cm (H) (11'8''x 9'2'')ft

Quantity 12:  12 square meter=400cm (W) x 300cm (H) (13'6''x 9'8'')ft

Quantity 16:  16 square meter=500cm (W) x 320cm (H) (16'4''x 9'5'')ft




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