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As of June 6, 2020, all bedding products have been transferred to our new partner site, "".  We made this decision to serve you better.  

When we first opened Bedding and Beyond about 6 years ago, we planned to offer both bedding products and wallpaper to our customers.  As time went on the demand for our wallpaper grew exponentially, so we could not give as much focus as we wanted to our lovely duvets and bedding sets.  Hence, the decision to open a partner store that will devote its entire catalog to unique bedding designs.

We are excited about this opportunity to add more quality merchandise to both stores over the coming months.

Please rest assured that you will have the same excellent customer service and highest quality items available for purchase.

Thank-you and please be sure to visit us regularly for new additions to both shops.

Marie Huber (Store Manager)

Please note: in case you may wonder why we don't change the name from "Bedding and Beyond" now that there will not be any bedding here, we cannot.  We have a good reputation that we have developed over the years.  We are known by this name.  So we will leave it as it is and direct those who are interested in the bedding sets, to visit our partner store.  Thank-you for your understanding.