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Wallpaper or Mural?

What is the difference between Wallpaper and Wall Murals?

Wallpaper or mural can add a pop of color and style to the walls. Both of these accentuate the theme, by driving attention to the walls.  If you are someone, craving for a sense of style in your room’s wall, then we have put together all you need to know about wallpaper and murals.

Are you thinking of doing a complete bedroom makeover and are tired of looking at the boring, empty walls? Maybe you want to add depth and texture to the living room wall, because it has silly decorations or plain paint, which is years old and is a complete misfit.

Adding color and design to the walls visibly changes the feel of the room. It looks transformed and on a cheap budget, you can make it look tremendously fancy too. Even if you are a fan of extravagant stuff or a minimalist, you can find tons of wallpapers and murals to choose something that matches your imagination. Both of them are wonderful and bring the utmost beauty and style to your room!

Are Murals and Wallpaper Different?

You must be wondering until now, what is the difference between the two? Well, both of these terms are often used interchangeably, but there are some significant differences, you should know if you are thinking of adorning walls with them.


Wallpapers are panels of repetitive prints or designs that are 2-D. They can be put on all the walls, provide full coverage, or on a feature wall to make it look different from the other walls. Wallpapers are factory-made and abundantly marketed. They are usually not customizable and can be fit to the size of your room’s walls by trimming the panels.


Murals on the other hand are high definition pictures or illustrations that are printed in panels. You can customize a mural by printing any of your high-definition pictures, which fits the dimensions of your walls. Usually, the mural looks better on feature walls, and are not appropriate for covering all walls of the same room.

It can be a 3-D picture, a photograph, painting or any illustration. They are always custom made, always printed in panels, that can be joined to fit the feature wall.

Which one is better?

When you think of wallpaper, you may think of a bizarre and cringy wallpaper print from the late 80s that looks awful, but you are wrong!

Wallpapers and murals have transitioned to match the fashion haul. They are both great choices, depending on your requirements. If you want to have an illusion printed on the wall, then you should go for a mural, but if you are planning to have a nice colorful and printed wall then wallpaper will do.

Even if you want are looking for something out of the box, you can find something that you like from wallpaper collection. They come in all colors, different prints, and textures.

The Ultimate Feel of your Wall

Do you know what is another great thing about these?  You can choose the texture of the wallpaper or mural. Gone are the days when they used to come in vinyl and plastic polymers only. There are eco-friendly options to chose from, now.

They come in embossed prints, leather texture, and smooth finish to give you the perfect feel of your wall.  If you are someone who likes smooth surfaces and sleek designs, you can find wallpaper or mural that compliments your taste.

Temporary or Permanent

Remember how the walls looked when the wallpaper was removed from the walls of your grandma’s house? If you don’t remember or never saw anything like that, it looked horrible and the walls were damaged. But that’s not the case anymore, modern wallpapers and murals come with adhesive options to choose from. 

For those who are likely to change their mind, wallpapers and murals can be pasted with temporary glue that makes them easy to take off yourself.

But, if you want to make them durable and want them to stay for longer without chipping, you can go for permanent glue options. Taking them off is no longer dreadful, there are ways to take them off neatly and save your walls from serious damage.

They are also available as self-adhesive wallpapers or murals that are so easy to put on, you can apply them yourself without taking a lot of time.  These are recommended for smaller walls or floors.

Abundant Designs and Wide Color Range

It’s no longer the same old floral print, you used to see around. They have evolved and become amazing. You can now find geometric designs, wooden and classic striped wallpapers. Even the floral prints have become bold and lush to join the fashion haul.

There are thousands of colors to choose from, and the same designs can come in different shades. The depth and definition of these murals and wallpapers are intense because they have been upgraded to the next level. They come in shiplap, brick, wood, faux leather even marble designs. Forget about putting marble tiles, when you have beautiful wallpapers.

Endless Options

The options are endless when it comes to murals. If you are deciding what to have on your office wall, what can look better than your business logo? You love nature and you want to have a wall that depicts a natural landscape or beach.  Then you can get any HD picture you like printed on your wall.

The options are almost endless with the murals because you can have almost anything printed on your wall. The dimensions can match the size and in case you change your mind, they are easy to remove.

Safe and Eco-friendly

The material of the wallpaper and mural is available in bio-degradable paper. It is not harsh for the environment and you will not regret adding ugly waste to the earth.

The wallpaper and mural are made of fire-safe materials and are fire resistant to a great extent. They have all the qualities that make them worth buying.

Bottom Line

If you tired of looking at the boring walls around you, add some pop of color, texture and style to the walls. Get a nice wallpaper or mural that accentuates the theme of the room and compliments your unique taste.

They are super easy to remove and do not harm the walls. You deserve to have minimal or extravagant walls, just the way you like.