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3D Nebula Zenith Star Universe Wallpaper Wall Mural

  • $53.00

3D Nebula Zenith Star Universe Wallpaper

Material:  Eco-friendly. Listing is for 1 Piece.
Waterproof ,Moisture-Proof, Mould-Proof, Smoke-Proof, Fireproof, Soundproof, Heat Insulation, Anti-static
How to calculate how many meters you need:
Measure your wall.  For example, if your wall is 360cm width x 240cm height, add 5 to both sides:
(360+5) x (240+5) = 8.9cm² = 9cm².  So you would need to order 9 pieces.
Here are some fixed sizes for another example:
M 140cm (W) x 70.5 (H) (4'3 "x 2'3") / purchase Quantity  of  1pcs   ($53.00)
L 208cm (W) x 146cm (H) (6'8 "x 4'8") / purchase Quantity  of  :  3pcs  ($159.00)
XL 250cm (W) x 200cm (H) (7'6'' x6'5'') / purchase Quantity  of  : 5pcs  ($265.00)
XXL 312cm (W) x 219cm (H) (10'2 "x 7'2") / purchase Quantity of  : 7pcs. ($371.00) 
XXXL 416cm (W) x 254cm (H) (13'6 "x 8'3") / purchase Quantity of  :  10pcs. ($530.00)
*After you order please let us know your measurements so we can prepare a rendering for you to preview before shipping.
  Questions?  Please contact us.

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