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Avengers Captain America 3D Wall Mural Wallpaper

Avengers Captain America 3D Wall Mural Wallpaper

  • $49.95

Important Please Read! $36.95 is for 1 piece. only.  It is very small, about 4'7" x 2'4". To cover a complete wall you will need more pieces.  The example pictures show a wall that is fully covered with wallpaper.  You need to measure your wall and calculate how many pieces you need to order.  When you know, go to checkout and select the number you wish to purchase. Total will be calculated for you.

How to calculate how many pieces you need:
1). Measure your wall.  Convert your measurements to centimeters (you can use any online metric converter). 2). If your wall is 360cm width x 240cm height for example,  multiply those numbers: 360 x 240 = 8.6.  So you would need to buy 9 pieces.
*Please see our shipping policy for estimated delivery times.

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